The science behind being a lucky unicorn

All my life, people told me i was lucky.  They would ask me how the fuck i did something and what’s the way to reproduce my results.

I remember when i  watched The Secret (a documentary that i higly recommend even if it is rather motivaional than scientific or explanatory)

With the law of attraction in mind, i decided that instead of learning for the romanian exam, i would visualise having great results. I haven’t done a single essay, i haven’t even read for it.

That year, the exams were checked by a very exigent teacher

i was one of the very few of the class who got a result better than 9.

The vast majority was scored around 8. I took 9,70. Not bad, huh? So when i saw my grade and started shoughting crazily “OMG, it was THE SECRET”,   people kinda wanted to know what was it that i was going

Or when i went to the doctors to get a sick note for 2 days and they gave me one for an entire month BY ACCIDENT.

My friends even invented a word for the luck i was having at screwing the system

For many years, when people would ask me what i did, the answer was :Dude i have no idea, this just happened to me.

After all these events, long research and implication,my answer is:

Dude i am still not entirely sure but i have some theories.

#theory number one

In a past life, i was the unluckiest person in the world so in this life i’m getting compensated with all this random gifts and events. :))

#Theory number 2

My angels are strong

Aand the lucky winner isss

#theory number 3

This is going to be longer, deeper and smarter. I promise

As we all know, we have a counscious and a subconscscious mind. People have a tendency on believing that their entire life is run counsciously. However, it seems to be THE OTHER WAY AROUND

You would also say that the way we experience this world is through our senses. But in fact, our perception is based on the way our brains Recieve and Interpret those signals transmitted by the senses. Most of the process is done unconsciously.

If we were to actually hear and see and smell and feel CONSCIOUSLY truly everything that is happening around us we would lose our minds.

It’s too much information and it cannot be processed.

What is selected to actually be acknoledged is in fact a small small part of it, chosen by this little thing called the reticular activating system.

The Actual Amount of what you percieve is estimated to be less than 1 percent of the entire range of stimuli from the sourroundings!

What ia even CRAZYER is that your brain decides for you what surfaces IN GENERAL and what not. What atitude you have, what words to say, what ideas you come across


Have you ever heard of the Brain Scans experiment?

Long story short,scientists could predict people’s decisions by watching their brains activity! Skeptic? google RIGHT NOW and check it yourself.

Basically, these guys knew what you were going to decide 7 seconds before you were actually doing it consciously!

And they knew by monitoring the micro patterns of activity in the frontopolar cortex!!!!

Amazing, huh?

How is this related to my luck, you wonder? Keep reading, my friend, keep reading.

So, if the brain is kind of running the show without you sometimes, how does it make all that desicions that surface to your conscious mind? Well, it’s about the neurologic connections, the beliefs and asumptions that at some point you have made!

Strange voice: What do you mean Sorina, you simply happen to have useful beliefs and asumptions made by your brain?

Kind of…but no

It’s mostly about focus

Changing the old beliefs and assumptions. EPIGENETICS MUCH?

What we understand from this is that what comes into our own informational data base from the environment is chosen UNCOUNSCIOUSLY and also what surfaces in terms of ideas and actions is also UNCOUNSCIOUS.

Dictated by confusing past events and unhappy conclusions. Neurologic connections made while we were frightened or powerless and now we have to carry them in our little minds for the rest of our lifes.


Do not dispair

How do we transform this in a more aware process and turn it around, make it our advantage?


no, i’m not talking about food (i’ll make another blog about it and i promise you it will be epic)

What i am talking about is the information you want your subconcious mind to recieve and use from now on in the decision making. What you want to attract.

Let me give you an example

This is a monologue of my subconscious mind while taking that romanian exam i began the story with

Oh, look , i have all this boring retarded questions that i have to answer while creating an useless essay. Yaaay. What should i include?

I am definetly going for that old belief i carry about not learning enough in order to succeed, so i will make a shitty essay while completly freaking out that i didn’t study.



I’m recieving something

This is kinda…new

Great results…so vividly felt and so clear images…  amazing results. Dude, i must be awesome. I know my shit. (Your brain can’t tell the diffrence in between the past and what you imagine)

Now the visualization thingy makes a lot more sense for the rational voice inside your head, doesn’t it?

So the next time Mr Brain is choosing what to surface, make that epic visualisation outcome a part of the ecuation by including it in your habbits 😀 commit to being a dreamer! It’s actially fun

Do the conscious shift of belifs (that’s kind of a topic in itself and no, not so fun but still )

Maintaining focus on what you want to recieve more of





(You already know this bro)

Going back to

# theory number 3

being lucky actually makes sense.I tend to see only what i want to see. I am clumsy, dreamy and i have a lack of focus for everything i don’t give a shit about :)) but when i do care about something… It so often in that magical place with unicorns (yes, i’m talking about my imagination)

I realised that


my cappacity to feed my own mind with that possitive outcome, that crazy dream, that one hope when the world is falling apart.

So let’s say that from billions of neuronal connections, about half of them are this Unicorn fairy land where magic is everywhere and everything is possible. This is why, most often, what surfaces in my desicions, my toughts and actions is ALSO often magical, full of hope and optimism.

I am not going to approach in this blog the multiverse theory, quantum physics and the inner dynamics reflected in the outside world. That is higly theoretic in today’s science (but also what i believe in :)) )

I’m going to make it cooler


Smart ass er

I’m going to remind you of our old friend Jung and compare the collective uncounscious mind with the roots of trees, all connected  with one another. So everyone has the Potential Capacity to tune into all the world’s wisdom. All the possible outcomes. All the magic. Just tap into it


Tesla used to do this, he would meditate with lead balls in his hands so when he was no longer focused his arms would fall down and make him go back to the awareness. The inner wisdom.


In fact, the majority of genious people and visionares were all kinda new agey. ( Did you know Einstein was vegan? )

Empowering, huh?

So let’s get creative! It’s the little things. It’s the cute drawing you decide you use as a vision board. It’s the happy inspiring song that you listen to when you brush your teeth in the morning 🙂

It’s the daily meditation. You know the tools.

There are mountains of information everywhere, internet, books, OUR OWN MINDS AND INNER CONNECTIONS, but at the end of the day, it’s not about what you know.

It’s about what you commit to, having enough faith while living it in your own head until it appears in your reality.

You know that practice you always wanted to try when hearing these little inspiring stories?

When are you going to start? In your next life? :))

No more reading! (Exept of my blog :)) )


Go try

Go out there and allow yourself to dream and hope and believe.

Go be the next genious. Go be so lucky that people are going to ask wtf are you doing.

I have faith in you.




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